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Historical Rugby Milestones 1910s

Carl Mullen signs rugby ball for small boy

1910s A short Historical Back drop of Britain

  • Edward VII dies and is succeeded by George V 1910
  • National Insurance Act provides cover against sickness and unemployment 1911
  • Royal Flying Corps is established 1912
  • 'Titanic' sinks with the loss of 1,503 lives 1912
  • Suffragette Emily Davison is killed by the king's horse 1913
  • Britain declares war on Germany in response to the invasion of Belgium 1914
  • 'Lusitania' is sunk by a German submarine 1915
  • Limited numbers of women are given the vote for the first time 1918
  • World War One ends when Germany signs an armistice 1918


First international at Twickenham, Jan. 15th. England (11) vs. Wales (6). England team led by Adrian Stoop. Two other Harlequins played, Ronald Poulton (Palmer) and JGG Birkett.

The Five Nations Championship begins. This is the first year that England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France play each other in the same season. The Championship is not formally recognised for many years to come, but England are the first champions after winning three and drawing one of their four games.

An American Universities side of rugby All Americans toured Australia and New Zealand.

A British Isles side visits Argentina for the first time. They play six games and win them all.


First international where three brothers played. South Africa vs. Scotland The Luyt brothers, Richard, John and Fred played for South Africa as they did 2 more times on the tour.

South Africa 1912/13

November 16 - USA's First International

When the Wallabies toured U.S. and Canada, this presented the U.S.A. Eagles with their first international match taking on the Australia Wallabies in Berkeley.

During the trip, Australia also played Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley and probably featured more partying as playing since the Wallaby team found lodging in college fraternity houses.

“We were never in bed. That was the trouble. I’ve never had such a time in my life.” - Bob Adamson


It was no surprise that the first international match was played in California as the state was a hotbed, and really one of the few places with organized rugby union, for the sport.

November 30th - Combined irish vs. South Africa

1912 Ireland vs South Africa
Ireland vs South Africa at Lansdowne Road.

South Africa won 38 (12) - 0 (0).


Fiji RFU formed. Two of the earliest clubs were Civil Service and Constabulary under the guidance of Messrs Pennefather and Judd. The crews of visiting warships provided frequent opposition and because of this the first regular club, Davies was formed.

Although it is probable that Women have played games like rugby for many years before this date, 1913 is considered to be the date Women officially started to play.


Circular sent by RFU to all clubs for all players to join some military force.

Twickenham 1915 (Pitch used as grazing for horses, cattle and sheep during WWI.)


Wales v England rugby union international played at Cardiff Arms Park 17th April 1915. This uncapped match during the First World War was staged to raise funds for military charities and to boost recruitment to the Welsh Guards. England won 26-10.

See more about Rugby at War


French Rugby Federation founded.



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