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RWC 2019

Carl Mullen signs rugby ball for small boy

RWC 2019 Hosted by Japan

John Kirwan, Japan national coach

On how he feels knowing that Japan will host RWC 2019:

"That is really exciting, it is a small vote from the IRB, a giant leap for world rugby and the Game is really going global and that is really exciting for me as a rugby player, as a rugby coach and just as a rugby person in general."

On what the reaction will be in Japan to the decision:

"They will be excited, I think that the Japanese people are very, very loyal and committed and once they understand that the Japanese Rugby Football Union has got the World Cup they will get in behind it and we will see real growth and that will be fantastic."

On what the decision will  mean to rugby in Japan and Asia as a whole:

"We need to be a global game, I think there are two major decisions that need to be made this year to put this Game on the global map from a sporting point of view. One has been made today with the Game going to Asia, first time out of the top eight [nations], the top 10, to Japan and then the next decision which I think is important is the Olympics. I think the decision today is going to help the Olympic Committee realise that we are doing our best to open up this Game."

IRB Podcast
Courtesy of the IRB

Noboru Mashimo, JRFU Vice President/Chairman

On what the announcement means for rugby in Japan:

"We are honoured and privileged to be given this opportunity. This is the first time that Rugby World Cup will be played outside the traditional Unions and this is a historical meaning. We accept the historical importance of this event to be held in Japan and we will work hard to make it a success."

On what it will mean to the world of rugby:

"I think World Rugby needs a new venue and Japan is a new venue where also top class players come to Japan and find out a new area and new place to play Rugby which will lead to the growth of Rugby worldwide.

On what the next step is for the JRFU now:

"I would like to make sure that we have a more professional organisation so that we can stage international tournaments. We have a World Cup and we can stage top class international tournaments and matches in Japan so we have the ability to host the World Cup so that is our next step."

IRB Podcast
Courtesy of the IRB

2019 Rugby World Cup draw:





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