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Doylestown Rugby Football Club

Carl Mullen signs rugby ball for small boy

The Doylestown Rugby Football Club (Men's Division) was formed in December of 1974 by Jo Stefano, Tony Stefano, Matt Tysinski, Gary Mount, and John Tomlinson(JT). Through the Doylestown Maennerchor Society, they gained access and built a rugby pitch on Cold Spring Creamery Road, Buckingham Township.

In January of 1984, John Tomlinson was again instrumental in the formation of the Doylestown Junior Rugby Football Club (High School Boys). JT continues to coach today. In January of 2000, Althea Tomlinson (formerly Althea Rodgers) initiated the formation of the Doylestown Junior Girls Rugby Football Club (High School Girls). Coach Althea has enjoyed two very successful seasons as head coach for this team recruiting 40+girls, from local high schools, a season.

Based on the success and popularity of the Junior Girls Club, a proposal was made for the formation of a women's club at the annual club meeting in December of 2000. The proposal for the support of a women's side was put to vote before the club members. All members were in favor, none against.

Since this time, Althea Tomlinson, Paige Swartley, Jamie Lupo, Tiffany Oles, Cindy Smarsh, Janet Kratzke as well as many others have worked hard to recruit players to qualify for recognized membership. They have also worked with the existing executive board of DRFC to include the Women's Division in the by-laws and executive board of the club.

The amendment to the DRFC constitution was voted on and passed unanimously on September 13, 2001. As of October 2001, the Doylestown Women's Rugby Football Club (DWRFC) gained recognized membership in the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU). All four teams continue to play today at the Maennerchor Society Club field today.






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